As a professional management firm who has been in the business for over 28 years, our goal is to provide the best service to our client. Our job is to act as an agent for you, the landlord, to collect rents, locate prospective tenants, determine their creditworthiness, and provide supervision to all maintenance services provided to the property.

In addition to these basic services, we work with lawyers and accountants to help plan for improved after-tax returns. With our computerized system, we keep track of all maintenance done to the property and all services required to maintained the property in a safe and well maintain appearance.

Being a professional property management company, I keep myself well informed on all regulations, building codes and changes to real estate property management. By keeping up to date will prevent tenants from violating their obligations under the rental agreement due to deferred maintenance or services.


In having an Associates Arts Degree in Real Estate and a Bachelors Science Degree in Criminal Justice, it has provided me an insight into having a workable relationship with all tenants and prospective tenants.

Our fees are reasonable and depend in part on the package of service you, as the owner, select. We will be glad to provide client references on request.

Please remember that whether you are a first time landlord or you are a multi-property owner, our goal is and will always be, to give you and your property, the best possible service, at the most reasonable price. You can count on us.


San Diego, CA: 619-696-7423
Yuma, AZ: 928-329-9154